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1. International Famous Furniture Fair-Dongguan International Famous Furniture Fair-Dongguan is one of the finest furniture sector trade shows in China. The event enjoys the official support of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Ministry of Commerce of China and is attended by an impressive number of industry leaders and decision makers from this …Read more

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As a manufacturer of particle board for melamine board and door core, we are expanding our production this year. We have been building a new chipboard factory since 2013 and it is set to produce the first board in this October. The specification is also 4 feet by 8 feet. Thickness is 12mm 15mm 16mm …Read more

According to China furniture association, on August 15th 2014 in Shenyang International Housing Expo conference, the attenders all think Chinese furniture industry has developed from massive production to quality product manufacturing. Currently China produces 25% of the world’s furniture. Since 2006 China has been the largest exporter of furniture in the world. China is as …Read more

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Pharmaceutical compounders, take note: The US FDA wants you to stop using laminated particleboard in your aseptic processing areas. That warning comes by way of a January 2014 Warning Letter to a Texas-based pharmaceutical compounding pharmacy, Home Intensive Care Pharmacy. It was released to the public on 22 July 2014. In its letter, FDA alleges …Read more