Best Price and Quality Particleboard from China

As a manufacturer and supplier of melamine particleboard and MDF from China, we have been supplying many customers in the world. Our business relations extend to coutries as follows:
Middle East, India, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, United States, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Poland, Malawi, Brazil, Paraguay, Uraguay.

Due to the good resouce of dust from the wooden industry park, we can get very good quality material lower than the market price. Our own formaldehyde facility enable us to get low cost resin too. With the new technology, we can produce E1 and E2 particleboard very density. New hot press machines enable us to produce the melamine particleboard in a fast way.

Many kinds of face can be glued to the face. Melamine papers, white melamine, natural veneer, engineered veneer, UV, ect.