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Russia May Stop Exporting Timber to China

According to Russia News, the minister of natural resources of Russia says that Rusia might stop exporting timbers to China. This is to protect the plantation and limit illegal harvest of logs.     He says that China is the major market of Russia wood export. But if China cannot solve the illegalharvest of lumbers, […]

China produces the world’s 60% MDF board

There are currently more than 800 manufacturing lines of mdf board. The total production of them is 60 million cubic meters about 60 percent of the world whole mdf production. The uses for these mdf are mainly furniture, flooring, door and windows, packing, etc. The direct exportation is about 5% of the whole production. In […]

Particleboard Manufacturers plan to produce Wooden Pellets

The president of a chipboard company in Northeast of China says, as the forest management bureau want the logging activities to less in their area, which is the main source of chinese local logs, their business of particleboard and floors will be impacted badly. This might cause many of the employees to lose job. Considering […]