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Concrete Nail Manufacturer

China is a major supplier of hardware and building materials in the world. And the wire nail is very commonly seen on the market. The concrete nail, however, is a wire steel nail made from high carbon steel. It is very hard and used for concrete slabs, concrete walls and formwork plywood. There are so […]

Chipboard Getting More Accepted by Chinese Consumers

China was not a major consumer of particle board before. The chipboard was mainly used in europe, australia and north america in past years. Particle board means cheap and bad quality in consumers’ mind. However, a lot of Chinese particle board manufacturers has been improving their product quality and a lot more new designs are […]

Particle Board With High Gloss Laminate

Particle board is a versatile wood panel sheet that can be used in many products such as furniture, doors and flooring. It is mainly used for furniture both in plain type and with lamination. We are a melamine faced chipboard manufacturer in China. The melamine faced chipboard is particle board both sides laminated with wood […]