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E2 particle board might be banned in China in the near future

E2 is formaldehyde emission standard of particle board. E2 particle board is widely produced and used in China. Also exported to many countries in the world. According to some sources, goverment is revising the regulations and the striction on formaldehyde emission is going to be very strict than ever. It will be great benefit to […]

Summer Promo!

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Domestic Particle Board Market Change in 2013

In the year of 2013, the local news reported a lot of new Particleboard line. The production lines are all advanced and have bigger and larger production capacity. For example, one company installed a new line of 300,000 cubic meters particleboard factory new line for chipboard and melamine chipboard. Another State owned enterprise in Guangxi […]

Pre-laminated Particle Board Supplier

We are a manufacturer and supplier of pre-laminated particle board from China. We have the capacity of 100,000 cubic meters every year and 90% are exported to major markets in the world, including India, Middle East, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. Pre-laminated particle board are made with plain particle board and melamine paper. This is […]