China becomes largest furniture manufacturing country

According to China furniture association, on August 15th 2014 in Shenyang International Housing Expo conference, the attenders all think Chinese furniture industry has developed from massive production to quality product manufacturing.
Currently China produces 25% of the world’s furniture. Since 2006 China has been the largest exporter of furniture in the world. China is as well the largest market consuming furniture. China is expected to consume 500 billion RMB per year. At the same time the wood panel industry have gone through more than ten years fast growth. The total production can reach 200 million cubic meters valued at 800 billion RMB. It’s the laregest player in the production, consume and trading of wood panels.

Experts says the quality of furnture are partially decided by the particle board, mdf and plywood used in the production. Furniture enterprises have to start from the purchasing of quality particle board and mdf.

According to datas, housing industry (furniture, wooden doors, laminated flooring) has been the main application area of wood panels. About 50% of the plywood, 75% of the particleboard and mdf are used in furniture making.