particle board production factory

Chipboard Shortage in July

Particle board is surpassing MDF to be the most used wood panel in Chinese furniture industry. Compared with MDF board, chipboard is cheaper in price, not easy to bend, formaldehyde emission duration is shorter. Its price has been increasing in the past few months. The shortage even makes furniture manufacturers to bid for purchasing.

particle board production factory

Customized furniture factory purchase a lot of wood panels. Mr. Feng, a purchaser, is experiencing a very unnormal conditions. Normally the panel factory will go to promote their products to him. But now, due to the shortage of the particle board, he has to visit the supplier personally to get the supply. The particle board production line are usually fully operated and the visitors are not treated as well as before.

The price has been increased a few times in past two months. From 1100 rmb per cubic meters to 1400 rmb per cubic meters. And it is still rising. The factory he visited has been supplying to IKEA. The production capacity is at its peak. The furniture factories have to grow good relations with the panel suppliers now. For the first time Mr. Feng is feeling not easy in the material supply.

The reason of chipboard shortage

The main reason is the 30% increase per year demand. Particle board is now the first choice for cabinets and wardrobe making. The production line requires very large investment. There are only nine major production lines in mainland China. The recent storm weather also makes the production slower. The enviromental policy in China is also important. There are many restrictions on logging activities since 2015. And the inflation drives resin price up.