Concrete Nail Manufacturer

China is a major supplier of hardware and building materials in the world. And the wire nail is very commonly seen on the market.

The concrete nail, however, is a wire steel nail made from high carbon steel. It is very hard and used for concrete slabs, concrete walls and formwork plywood.

concrete nail manufacturer

There are so many nail factories in China. Some of them make galvanized roofing nails, some make common nails and some produce concrete nails.

Top Concrete Nail Manufacturer

Hereby we recommend you a great concrete nail manufacturer: Yalong Nails.

Yalong Nail company has been in the nail making industry for almost twenty years. It has the know-how and technology to produce high quality concrete nails.

Concrete nails include black concrete nails and galvanized concrete nails.

Besides this, this manufacturer in China also produce common wire nails and umbrella head roofing nails in bulk.

This supplier is good and always offer hardware customers good price.