Domestic Particle Board Market Change in 2013

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In the year of 2013, the local news reported a lot of new Particleboard line. The production lines are all advanced and have bigger and larger production capacity. For example, one company installed a new line of 300,000 cubic meters particleboard factory new line for chipboard and melamine chipboard. Another State owned enterprise in Guangxi province installed new production line of 250,000 cubic meters.

All the new lines are supposed to run in spring of the year of 2014 after a lot of preparation and promotion by the manufacturer. The new factory target not only local market but also China national market and export market as well.

china particle board factory

We can expect that there will be more competitions in this year and only the competitive one will survive in the new year’s market as the real estate industry in China this year is not so well for the construction materials. Only the manufacturers with strength any one of the following elements will survive, they are materials, brands names and international partners.