E2 particle board might be banned in China in the near future

E2 is formaldehyde emission standard of particle board. E2 particle board is widely produced and used in China. Also exported to many countries in the world.

According to some sources, goverment is revising the regulations and the striction on formaldehyde emission is going to be very strict than ever. It will be great benefit to consumers and a great challange to current particle board manufacturers in China.

China standard GB18580-2001 is going to be revised and E2 standards board indoor usage will be banned.

Li Jiafeng, an official in China Flooring Association confirmed the news. He said E2 boards will be better for outdoors but not indoors.

Current standards are E2≤5.0mg/L and E1≤1.5mg/L。The stricter E0(≤0.5mg/L) is now recommended in 《Plywood》(GB/T9846.1~9846.8).

To achieve the improvement, the resin quality will play most of the role. Better resins will need better technology and higher cost.