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Film Faced Plywood

When i comes to building business, the Chinese civil engineering companies are doing it the best. They can build a new Tesla auto factory in just one year time.

Plywood For Formwork Company

Commercial building are essentially the highest standard project in the industry. A lot of steel, concrete, and plywood are used in the building process. Before the concrete are poured, there should be a platform to support the liquids. This platform is supported by LVL beams and steel wires above which is the film faced plywood.

What is the difference?

This type of plywood is coated with a thin layer of phenolic film. In tradition, it’s called phenolic board or marine plywood. Buildings will require a lot of formwork plywood in the process of building. Why people use it? It is cost effective, light weight, recyclable and cheap price. In China there are more than one hundred factories producing this commodity. They are very experienced manufacturers in plyboard.

film faced plywood factory
Phenolic Film Faced Plywood

This product is water resistant thanks to its phenolic bond.