FSC Particleboard Suppliers

Our particleboard are FSC certified

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As a manufacturer and supplier of Particleboard and its variants in China, we have been leading the trend. We are one of the first batch registrations of FSC in China. Special personnel are arranged to make sure the process can be accurate for the process of FSC verification.

FSC is a young, global and non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. This organization gives the businesses and consumers more choice to choose the wooden products they buy, and create a positive power by engaging international wood market.

FSC’s members include world’s top environmental NGOs (WWF and Greenpeace), wood corporations (Tetra Pak and Mondi PLC) and social organizations (the National Aboriginal Forestry Association of Canada). Also there are many forest owners and managers, wood processing companies, and even some individuals involved. Many FSC particleboard manufacturers including some Chinese companies are involved

The diverse members define best practices for forestry management that solve social and environmental issues. The membership consensus sets the FSC Principle – the highest standards of forest management which are environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically feasible.

FSC membership has three chambers – environmental, social and economic – and they have equal rights in decision-making.