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FSC Particleboard Supplier in China

fsc logo chinaWe are a supplier of FSC Particle Board. FSC is a global and non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. We are glad we can supply responsible particleboard to our clients all over the world! It is an international organization that encourage legal wood use and discourage illegal wood sourcing. We are a supplier and manufacturer that received the FSC licence very early in China. Now we enjoy a fame of supplying FSC certified Particleboards to both domestic and Europe, USA, Southeast Asia.

All our material for particleboard are from well managed forests with SGS/SCS monitors. All our material suppliers are FSC certified, the supply chain is well managed and our final products are real Certified Particleboard rather than normal sheets without an legal authorisation. Cost management and supply chain make us more competitive with this kind of chipboard.

Particle Board we produce 9/12/15/18/33/34/35/44/54/64mm. Check out the particle board products on below links:
[button link=”http://www.particleboardchina.com/products/plain-chipboard”]Plain Particle Board[/button]
[button link=”http://www.particleboardchina.com/products/melamine-faced-chipboard”]Melamine Particle Board[/button]
[button link=”http://www.particleboardchina.com/products/solid-door-core-chipboard”]Door Core Chipboard[/button]

Our FSC particleboard are mostly exported to Europe and South East Asia. If you have any interest, please send email to us.
[notice]FSC POLICY UPDATE: OCP – 2014 September[/notice]
FSC’s answer to potential for false claims is the Online Claims Platform (OCP), a system enabling users to move their FSC transactions online. The OCP may dramatically reduce the risk of errors. Despite serious obstacles, constructive dialogue may be paving the way for a solution. From a market perspective, FSC is an eco-labelling success story. Today, there are nearly 30,000 FSC certificates issued in over 100 countries. This is a positive sign that the world is heading towards sustainable timber products trade.