Melamine Faced Chipboards

MFC nowdays is very popular in manufacture of cabinet doors, and other office and home furniture. This article explains the process by which Melamine MDF and Paritcleboard is manufactured.

Melamine faced board is manufactured by wet process after separating the fibres from the wood. Adhesives are added to the fibres and boards are pressed in a hot press or continuous press delivering MDF of required size. The density can be adjusted by varying the compression ratio of the wet slab and resins.

After the plain dried board is manufactured, it can be covered on both sides with melamine paper, finish foil or veneers.

MFC or particle board needs to be upgraded with some decorative surfaces in order to manufacture furniture from it. This is done by using decorative printed wood grain paper impregnated with melamine resin. The paper is then short-cycle-pressed to stick the paper to the board. Short-cycle process is called-so because it is completed in a very short time like 14-20 seconds. This is very critical as the resin has to pass from paper to the MDF board, before it cures.

For very thin MDF boards, if it’s too dry please shorten the time pressing melamine paper to it. Better press two sides to the MDF board.