33/36/38/44/54/64MM Fire Retardant Chipboard for Doorcore

Our regular thickness of particleboard and melamine chipboard are 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm. They are mainly for furniture and decoration purpose.

We also have a product line of very thick particle board and mixed with fire retardant materials. They are used for door core and other uses. The test of Chiltern Fire rated chipboard certificate has been passed.

The sizes are 3×7 feet (915*2135mm)& 4×8 feet (1220x2440mm).
The thickness of regular particle board can range from 12mm to 65mm.
The thickness of fire-retardant particle board can range from 28mm to 65mm(35mm 36mm 38mm 44mm 54mm).
The desity of them can be customized from 450 – 650 kg/m3.

Because the density is a bit lower, so thick particle board are usually shipped with 40 footer containers:
size-1. 4’x8′: 18 pallets, each pallet 1050mm tall
size-2. 3’x7′: 24 pallets, each pallet 1050mm tall

Except this thick particleboard, we can also use tubular or hollow chipboard as door core.

12mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 21mm 25mm MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard

Patterns of Melamine Paper

As we all know particle board is most used to make panel furnitures. But it does not look so good on its ugly face. Engineers find a way to cover it with beautiful printed paper. It’s normally called melamine paper, because the paper was dealt with melamine in the production process. To make it easier to laminate on the plain particle boards.

melamine board
Melamine Particle Board and MDF board

Melamine particle boards are getting more and more colorful due to the new technologies in printing, glues etc. The cost of making it has drop dramatically down. More and more furniture manufacturers are trying to switch to melamine boards (including melamine mdf boards too) to make decent and cheap furnitures.

Particle Board Art
Good quality Particle Board

Melamine boards are mostly used for furnitures of: domestic, wardrobe, cabinets, office furniture, labtorary furniture, computer desk ect. Due to its appearance, it’s not so approprite for high-end furntiture now. But with the development of new technology, some day melamine boards will look much much better and can compete easily with natural wood furintures.

We are a major manfuacturer and supplier of melamine particle boards and in China. Please email us to get the price list of melamine particle board.

Chipboard Getting More Accepted by Chinese Consumers

China was not a major consumer of particle board before. The chipboard was mainly used in europe, australia and north america in past years. Particle board means cheap and bad quality in consumers’ mind.

particle board new decor chipboard
Particle Board For Wardrobe

However, a lot of Chinese particle board manufacturers has been improving their product quality and a lot more new designs are created for better looking. The panels are widely used for bespoke cabinets and wardrobes. They become a part of the customized decoration of dorms in cities.

Better Designs

A lot of advanced technoloy are used for the decor faces of chipboard. Before it was only low quality melamine paper, now you can have more choices. No matter veneers or high pressure laminates.

Higher Quality

China has abandonned the E2 standard for formaldehyde emission. All chinese board are now E1 standard, which is less harm to human health.

Russia May Stop Exporting Timber to China

According to Russia News, the minister of natural resources of Russia says that Rusia might stop exporting timbers to China. This is to protect the plantation and limit illegal harvest of logs.


russia lumber exported to china


He says that China is the major market of Russia wood export. But if China cannot solve the illegalharvest of lumbers, Russia may have to stop the exportation of this product. There is another way that Chinese companies will plant trees in Russia.

According to the Agriculture Department of Russia, the main export to China was lumber. Lumbers takes 55% of the export. Other timbers are birch, hardwood, etc. 7400 cases of the illegal harvest was captured in the first half year of 2018. It is a 3% decrease compared to the year 2016.

This may benefit their competitors in Canada and New Zealand. These two countries export the most quantity lumber to China already. They are widely used in the furniture industry, wood packaging, wood-based panel production, chipboard panel, and so on.

Chipboard Shortage in July

Particle board is surpassing MDF to be the most used wood panel in Chinese furniture industry. Compared with MDF board, chipboard is cheaper in price, not easy to bend, formaldehyde emission duration is shorter. Its price has been increasing in the past few months. The shortage even makes furniture manufacturers to bid for purchasing.

particle board production factory

Customized furniture factory purchase a lot of wood panels. Mr. Feng, a purchaser, is experiencing a very unnormal conditions. Normally the panel factory will go to promote their products to him. But now, due to the shortage of the particle board, he has to visit the supplier personally to get the supply. The particle board production line are usually fully operated and the visitors are not treated as well as before.

The price has been increased a few times in past two months. From 1100 rmb per cubic meters to 1400 rmb per cubic meters. And it is still rising. The factory he visited has been supplying to IKEA. The production capacity is at its peak. The furniture factories have to grow good relations with the panel suppliers now. For the first time Mr. Feng is feeling not easy in the material supply.

The reason of chipboard shortage

The main reason is the 30% increase per year demand. Particle board is now the first choice for cabinets and wardrobe making. The production line requires very large investment. There are only nine major production lines in mainland China. The recent storm weather also makes the production slower. The enviromental policy in China is also important. There are many restrictions on logging activities since 2015. And the inflation drives resin price up.

Particle Board With High Gloss Laminate

Particle board is a versatile wood panel sheet that can be used in many products such as furniture, doors and flooring. It is mainly used for furniture both in plain type and with lamination. We are a melamine faced chipboard manufacturer in China. The melamine faced chipboard is particle board both sides laminated with wood grain papers.

Normal melamine faced board is matt or smooth. Our latest laminate paper are with high gloss characteristic.

High Glossy Particle Board

The particle board with high glossy face is shiny and can be use for making cabinets and wall decoration. It is stain free and thicker than the common melamine face. Our high gloss laminate board is same quality to those of Egger. The surface is deep processed with better touch and appearance. This make it good material for decoration , cabinets and wardobes. The size of the glossy sheets are 1220x2440mm as per our standard.

Plywood and MDF can also be laminated with this kind of glossy sheets. Chinese companies manufacture and export particle board with melamine face and glossy face. The colors can be unicolor, wood grain or white. There are a selction of colors customers can choose for their final product. We are currently shipping the laminate and boards worldwide.