Film Faced Plywood

When i comes to building business, the Chinese civil engineering companies are doing it the best. They can build a new Tesla auto factory in just one year time.

Plywood For Formwork Company

Commercial building are essentially the highest standard project in the industry. A lot of steel, concrete, and plywood are used in the building process. Before the concrete are poured, there should be a platform to support the liquids. This platform is supported by LVL beams and steel wires above which is the film faced plywood.

What is the difference?

This type of plywood is coated with a thin layer of phenolic film. In tradition, it’s called phenolic board or marine plywood. Buildings will require a lot of formwork plywood in the process of building. Why people use it? It is cost effective, light weight, recyclable and cheap price. In China there are more than one hundred factories producing this commodity. They are very experienced manufacturers in plyboard.

film faced plywood factory
Phenolic Film Faced Plywood

This product is water resistant thanks to its phenolic bond.

PVC Edge Banding Manufacturer in China

thickness: 0.3mm,0.35mm,0.4mm,0.45mm,0.5mm, 0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,3mm
width: 8–500mm such as: 19mm,20mm,22mm,25mm,26mm,29mm,35mm,40mm,46mm etc.
surface: Matt finish, high gloss , embossing collection
material: PVC,ABS,Acrylic(PMMA),PE,PP,PS
packing: thickness 0.3mm-0.6mm: 200m/roll above 0.6mm:100m/roll
edge banding for melamine board china supplier

Two Particleboard Furniture Manufacturers in Shenzhen is in Crisis

Golden times gone for particle board furnitures?

After one chipboard furniture company in Shenzhen is reported not paying employees salary, there is another one now facing to the same problem. There are many insider analysis. The main problem is the business model of “mass production in factory, distributing nation wide”. Our reporter have investigate and find out solid wood furniture and getting more market share these years is one important reason.

particle board furniture chinaAccording to the research in Shenzhen Furniture Expo in the last three years, the scale of chipboard furniture shrink from 3 pavillion to only 1 pavillion. On comparision, more solid furnture are found in the exhibition and occupying the shares of particle board funiture.

In the furnture mall we can see big changes too. In the last decade the chipboard furniture was going through the golden age. The most sold furnture is melamine faced chipboard or mdf furnture, which sometimes account for more than 50% of the total sales in the furniture mall, at least 1/3. However, the solid wood furniture is the main player now in the market.

The low time for wood based panel furniture is main caused by consumers’ passion for solid wood furniture. The manufacturer of solid wood furniture and medias are constantly spreading the “Green” and “Environment” as selling point. Most of them tell people only solid wood is reliable. This is the most important reason of consumers’ choice. For wood based panel furniture makers this is kind of disaster because they can do little about it.

Chipboard furniture is still promising

One year ago reporter asked a CEO of a board furniture maker, will the panel furniture be challenged in China? The CEO answered indirectly that in the world market panel furniture has been the main stream. In north Europe 90% of the people is using furniture made of particle board and mdf. The reason is that wood based panel cause less problem to the enviroment is cheaper also.

IDA President’s Commentary on 2014 Door Expo

The 2015 IDAExpo™ will place a spotlight on two very special events that took place in 1995: the formation of the International Door Association, and the first IDAExpo. These events will be acknowledged during the entire 2015 IDAExpo, and I encourage you to place the dates in your Outlook calendar and join us for a huge celebration – April 8-11, Indianapolis, Indiana USA!

IDA is short for international doors association!

Did I say huge? Well, that’s no doubt an understatement. IDA will be pulling out all stops to make this a significant time to reflect, enjoy, and draw significant business and personal benefit.

Dealers who attend represent an estimated 75% of the annual U.S. garage door volume
Attracts 85 to 90% of garage door manufacturing in terms of dollar value
In 2014, provided 75 hours of educational programming directed to those who sell, install and service door and access systems
2,233 attended seminars at IDAExpo 2014
3,812 hours of eduction presented in 2014
A global event; 29 countries were represented at IDAEx[p 2014
New faces and products – 2014 show featured 19 first time exhibitors!
Provides fundraising opportunities for the
IDA Scholarship Foundation
Recognizes industry leaders including door technicians

particle board doorcore chipboard fire retardant
Fire Retardant Chipboard for Door Core

We produce 28-64mm particleboard/chipboard especially for door making. The sizes are 4x8feet and 3x7feet. As one of the few suppliers of door core particle board in China, we endeavor to do our best serving customers from all over the world.