North American Particleboard and MDF Forecast Summary

We expect non-structural panel(particle board and mdf board) consumption will grow through 2016 given that all of the end-use drivers of consumption have been forecased to rise over the next two years. Market growth of chipboard is projected to continue to trend upward as the world housing recovery strenghens in 2015. Other demand indicators such as panel furniture production and home improvements will reflect the spending on items such as furniture and remodeling projects.

Particleboard Consumption

Particleboard consumption is predicted to grow over the forecast due the expected growth in furniture produciton and residential construction. Although the consumption of chipboard is headed in a posititve direction, it should be noted that demand will remain low compared with historical peaks.
  • US particleboard consumption is expected to grow further in the year of 2015, with an growth rate 7.5% year-over-year.
  • A strong housing market with increasing furniture sales will help push U.S. particle board market higher in this year. For the year of 2015, RISI forecasts US particle board consumption will grow 9.7% to 3.29 BSF.
  • Growth in US chipboard consumption will accelerate in 2016.
  • Risks to forecast are concretrated on the pace of housing industry recovery and the mix of products manufactured at US furniture factories.

MDF Consumption

MDF consumption growth will keep same with the chipboard in 2015 and 2016 but has a higher exposure to house construction nad less reliance on furniture industry. So far the MDF consumption has been restrained by the high value of US dollar in a deterioration of the MDF trade balance.