Particle Board Industry in China

Particleboard production in China has experienced a rise in the 1980s, decline in the 1990s and rise again in 2000s. It’s an iterative process.

After Particleboard was abandoned by chinese customers due to poor quality and other reasons, many particleboard enterprises learned the lessons. The introduction of advanced production lines and improved technological level has driven the quality of particleboard in China up in recent years. Now particle board are accepted by customers again in China.

Data shows that: In December 2012, output of particleboard in China is about 1,391,600 cubic meters, with an increase of 7.06%. From January to December 2012, the National Particleboard production reached 12.89 million cubic meters, with an increase of 7.2%.

In view of different provinces, from January to December 2012, Fujian Province, particleboard production of 2,216,500 cubic meters has declined by 1.82%, accounting for 17.19% of the national output. Followed by Henan Province, Guangdong Province and Jiangsu Province; accounted for 12.11% of the total, 10.39% and 8.08%, respectively.

The particleboard industry in China has been developed rapidly, but the prevalence of small-scale, equipment and outdated technology, coupled with less attention to quality, using bark and MDF dust as raw material for particleboard, therefore, Chinese made particleboard are generally regarded as poor quality, also with excessive formaldehyde emission.

2013 particleboard industry is facing a re-shuffle. The good ones will survive.