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Particle Board Chipboard Removed From China High Pollution Product List

According to Ministry of Environmental Protection of China wood based panels complying to standards are no longer listed in the high pollution product list. This is an encouraging news for all Chinese manufacturers of particle board, mdf and plywood.

The ministry issued a new list of high pollution product recently. Compared with the 2014 year version, all wood based panel produced under the standard GB/T11718-2009(MDF Board) and HJ571-2010 (Particle board and plywood) are considered enviromental products.

On June 12th 2015, the Mistry of Finance and Tax announced the tax refund of wood panels are reduced to 70% because of its compact on the air. Now in 2016 the annoucement is revoked and wood panels industry will keep benefiting from the previous policy.

In the draft of Enviroment Protection List 2015 Version, China Forest Association has been working with business and goverment to get particle board, mdf and plywood removed from the list. According to its Secretary General Mr. Shi Feng, this result is a great success of its hard job in 2015. Mr. Shi hopes all its offices in China should deliver the message to local goverment and companies to make sure the industry has its benefit in tax.

particle board chipboard plywood china

Mr. Shi Feng said, the revision of the list is based on the improvement of Chinese wood based panel industry. As long as the manufacturers follow the product standards in law and purchase high quality materials including wood dust and glue, the product will be 100% safe to customers. The next step of his work will be working with concerning departments to enfore the new policy on formaldehyde emission restrictions of interior decoration materials.

At the same time, China National Forest Product Industry Association(CNFPI) will promote self control and industry improvement and encourage the manufacturers to follow higher standards.