Pre-laminated Particle Board Supplier

We are a manufacturer and supplier of pre-laminated particle board from China. We have the capacity of 100,000 cubic meters every year and 90% are exported to major markets in the world, including India, Middle East, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

Pre-laminated particle board are made with plain particle board and melamine paper. This is commonly named melamine particle board. Pre-laminated particle board is a special term for India market.

Pre-laminated Particleboard Uses

There are many uses for pre-laminated particleboard. They are most commonly used in furniture industry but in different niche areas.
1. Office Furniture (mostly white melamine particleboard)
2. Lab Furniture (mostly white melamine particleboard)
3. Hospital Furniture (mostly white melamine particleboard)
4. Household Furniture (mostly patterned melamine particleboard)
5. Public Furniture

Pre-laminated Particleboard Quality

The quality of Pre-laminated Particleboard are mostly decided by the quality of plain particleboard and lamination paper. There have to be few defects in the face of chipboard and the melamine paper has to be good quality. If there are too many dots on the surface, there will be many defects on the finish product. Our experience is the particle board for lamination purpose has to be good quality.

Pre-laminated Particleboard Supplier

As a supplier of melamine particleboard for many years, we are very clear with the global market and most production sites in the world. We endeavor to supply the good products with a very reasonable price. We have both cheap particle board and good quality particle board for very different customers. We are able to fulfill every customer’s need.


We have FSC&CARB Pre-laminated Particleboard.