Film Faced Plywood

F17 Formply China Plywood

Our factory produces film faced plywood for formwork use. The film faced plywood is a type of marine plywood with black or brown film laminated on both sides. It is water and scratch resistant. According to market and customers needs, our formply are made with different grades of wood core and glue. The best grade of wood veneer for manufacturing film faced plywood is birch hardwood from europe. Most common in China is eucalyptus hardwood. Our formwork ply are certified by CE, FSC, etc.

Film Faced Plywood Specifications

Size1220x2440mm(4’x8′), 1250x2500mm, 1200x1800mm(4’x6′)
Thickness12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 21mm
CorePoplar 520 kgs/m³, Combi 550 kgs/m³, Eucalyptus 600 kgs/m³, Marine Grade Core without Voids
FilmChinese Black Film, Chinese Brown Film, Dynea Brown, Dynea Black
CertificationFSC, CE, Benchmark
UsageFormwork, Construction, Concrete Shuttering, Trailer Flooring

Top Grade WBP Film Faced Plywood

Our plywood factory is made up with state-of-art production line. Sourcing the best hardwood veneers and using the WBP resin the glue the sheets, our marine grade plywood is one of the best building materials in China. Have successfully been export to Europe, Middle East, Australia and so on.

Formwork Material for Civil Engineering

formwork plywood formply

The black marine plywood is widely used in the cement and concrete shuttering industry. It is a major basic building material in the world. It is easy to buy from local building material market. They are usually delivered by sheets or packs at different prices.

Plywood Brands China

Cms and Panda is our panel brand. Our form plywood also sold with the brand of hi-form.