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Plain Particle Board is mainly used for furniture making and door factories. In the manufacturing of furniture, desk, wardrobes, cabinets, tables etc. plain particle board is used as a body support which is invisible from outside. It is used mainly due to its low price compared to plywood etc. We have two chipboard production lines. One of them is for fire rated chipboard 44-64mm and the other one is for furniture chipboard 12mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 21mm manufacturing with a paper laminate line. Our factory is able to supply FSC particle board as well.

Size 1220x2440mm(4’x8′)
Thickness 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 21mm
Density 650-700 kg/m³
Orgin China
Certification FSC, CARB, ISO
Usage Making laminated board, melamine board, doors, furniture inside, access floor, floor underlayment, cabinet

We have an MOQ policy for plain particle board of at least one fully loaded 40′ container (40-42 cubic meters). The normal delivery time is 15-30 days depending on quantity and shipping schedules.

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