solid door core particle board 35mm

Fire Rated Chipboard

Solid door core particle board of higher thickness is widely used the manufacturing of commercial wooden doors, fire rated wood doors. As a manufacturer of plain and melamine particle board for furniture, we run a production line of chipboard especially for doors. The product from this mill is specially designed for door making. We have many fire rated door manufacturers and raised access floor factories using our chipboard in China.

Size915*2135mm, 1220*2440mm, 1045*2155mm, 1100*2200mm
Thickness28mm, 33mm, 35mm, 38mm, 44mm, 54mm, 64mm
FormaldehydeE0, E1, E2
Density500-900 kg/m3
Fire RetardantAvailable
CertificationChiltern Fire Retardant, Europe FSC
UsageMaking Doors as door core, supporting materials, furniture,  etc.

This product is strong in strength and light in weight, which makes itself perfect for making luxury wooden doors and other furniture requiring 100% wood content. It is widely used as door core either engraved or not. Below is a simple drawing showing how an engraved chipboard can work together with door skin to make the final products.

The lower density of the chipboard allows us to load as many as possible in one forty footer container. Our minimum order quantity for this product is one forty footer container. We work on customized thickness from 25-64mm and there are different sizes available. You can send us sales department email with inquiry details.

Fire Rated Doorcore Chipboard Commercial Names

Fire rated particle board, fire rated plywood, flame retardant chipboard, flame resistant chipboard, fireproof chipboard.