russia lumber exported to china

Russia May Stop Exporting Timber to China

According to Russia News, the minister of natural resources of Russia says that Rusia might stop exporting timbers to China. This is to protect the plantation and limit illegal harvest of logs.


russia lumber exported to china


He says that China is the major market of Russia wood export. But if China cannot solve the illegalharvest of lumbers, Russia may have to stop the exportation of this product. There is another way that Chinese companies will plant trees in Russia.

According to the Agriculture Department of Russia, the main export to China was lumber. Lumbers takes 55% of the export. Other timbers are birch, hardwood, etc. 7400 cases of the illegal harvest was captured in the first half year of 2018. It is a 3% decrease compared to the year 2016.

This may benefit their competitors in Canada and New Zealand. These two countries export the most quantity lumber to China already. They are widely used in the furniture industry, wood packaging, wood-based panel production, chipboard panel, and so on.