Special Screws for Particleboard

Particle Board Screws vs Wood Screws

I have a cabinet book that says to get 2″ Particle Board Screws. The only place I can find them locally is at the Homedepot, where they cost $7.89 for every 100 screws. Online, they are just $30 for a 1000 and I am looking for 1000 for my next project.
particleboard screw
Local hardware stores all tell me the same thing… “there are no difference” or “Particle board screws??? are you saying wood screws” or “what?”.

Is there a difference between wood screws and particle board screws? Well, I know the technical differences, but is it worth the hassle? I’m building cabinets using the face frame method, and I’ve always used the particle board screws from homedepot. Any thoughts?

Re: There is a difference. A particle board screw has two sets of threads, one deeper than the other. This is different with normal screws.