Smooth Finish Melamine Particle

The Water Proof Chipboard With Melamine

The chipboard with melamine laminated boards are made of plain particle board, covered with decorative laminates of melamine that provide vivid look and wear resistance. Usually used in the manufacture of home furniture, Office, or for hospital and commercial installations.

Melamine Faced Chipboard For Furniture
Melamine Faced Chipboard For Furniture

Being a non-porous surface, the particle board with melamine face are easy to clean and particularly suitable for environments highly sanitized. They are resistant to heat and household cleaning products so prevent the growth of microorganisms on the surface.

The cutting of particle board with melamine laminated wood saws must be made with sharp material with fast speed, avoiding the vibrations of the machine so that no damage is made to the edges. The installation is quick and cheap, which affects the final price, and the design possibilities are endless. The chipboard laminated with melamine is resistant to abrasion but are not recommended for indoor cooking or for direct exposure to sunlight.

Best Choice For Commercial Furnitures

Melamine faced chipboard are okay for household decoration and furniture but it is the most popular for making commercial furniture. The occassions can be office, hospital, various types of shops and so on. White melamine particle board is popular for office tables.