Fire Retardant Chipboard China

33/36/38/44/54/64MM Fire Retardant Chipboard for Doorcore

Our regular thickness of particleboard and melamine chipboard are 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm. They are mainly for furniture and decoration purpose.

We also have a product line of very thick particle board and mixed with fire retardant materials. They are used for door core and other uses. The test of Chiltern Fire rated chipboard certificate has been passed.

The sizes are 3×7 feet (915*2135mm)& 4×8 feet (1220x2440mm).
The thickness of regular particle board can range from 12mm to 65mm.
The thickness of fire-retardant particle board can range from 28mm to 65mm(35mm 36mm 38mm 44mm 54mm).
The desity of them can be customized from 450 – 650 kg/m3.

Because the density is a bit lower, so thick particle board are usually shipped with 40 footer containers:
size-1. 4’x8′: 18 pallets, each pallet 1050mm tall
size-2. 3’x7′: 24 pallets, each pallet 1050mm tall

Except this thick particleboard, we can also use tubular or hollow chipboard as door core.