hollow chipboard manufacturer in china

Tubular Hollow Core Chipboard Manufacturer in China

We have high quality product Hollow Core Chipboard made with great quality materials.

Wood Chips Used in Manufacturing

The chips are from same kind of trees, went through high temprature and high pressure processing. They have uniform density and size.

Eco-friendly Resin

The resin used in the manufacturing process comply with European E1 standard and close to Japan E0 standard.

Final Product For Door Core

Our hollow chipboard does not need further thick sanding. With many specs and abundant supply produced by 12 production lines, the annual supply of hollow chipboard can reach 180,000 square meters.
We in China introduced a wide press horizontal orifice of extrusion, a new generator surface cutting door core strenghening enchanced tunnel mechanics.

The lastes aluminium frame door made with tubular chipboard as core

Finger joint lumber + hollow particleboard + MDF + surface decoration layer