Where We Are Using Particle Board

Particle board, also named chipboard, is a low-density fiberboard which is made from scraps of wood like sawdust or chips of wood. You can also find particle board made from green materials like sugarcane. These particles are collected, ground and pressed together. Resins are added to make the finished product. Particle board is cheap and versatile making it a great product for many industries. Particle board can be covered in a veneer or melamine paper so that it can have better looking. The following article will share with you the best uses for particle board.

1. Making Furniture
Any time you buy a dresser or cabinets made from particle board. This is because particle board is very inexpensive and easy to work with. Furniture that costs more can use a variety of fiberboard and natural milled wood. The same look can be accomplished with basic particle board and several mainstream furniture companies have had great success using it as their main material.

2. Cabinets
When you are going to buy cabinets the first thing you might notice is price. Most natural wood products are very expensive. That is eif you use all wood and not particle board. The best solution is to use particle board body and natural wood surfaces. That is where melamine particle board are mostly used in manufacturing cabinets.

3. Home Accents
There are many areas of the home that can spruced up by adding accent pieces. The most popular place for accents are around windows, doors, floor and ceiling in the form of trim and molding. These materials are made cheaper when they are created from particle board. Particle board is easy to install and even easier to paint.

4. Flooring
Particle board normally is not used as direct flooring but is often used to cover hardwood floors. The particle board base is then covered with carpet or tile.

5. Roofing
Particle board comes in many thicknesses which make it a versatile enough product to be used in roofing. Treated lumber is often used as the main material with thin sheets of treated particle board being placed on top and then shingles are attached. This is especially common on a low-slope roof.

6. Insulation

Particle board is sometimes used as an added insulating material. Other products are used in conjunction with it to keep heat loss at a minimum.

7. Sound Deadening
When you dismantle a speaker you’ll notice it has particle board inside. This is because chipboard absorbs sound. That is why particle board is use in walls and floors in recording studios, concert halls and media rooms etc.

There are many circumstance we can use particleboard. Some place you see everyday and do not know they are made of particleboard.

Particleboard Cabinet Made in China with melamine paper
Modern Particleboard Cabinet Looks Fancy and Flat

For melamine base: Particleboard are perfect for lamination with melamine papers, veneers and other kind of surface materials. The density is good and surface smooth.

To make kitchen cabinets and indoor furniture: Most cabinets body are made of melamine particleboard. The back of the furniture, door core and other parts of furniture use chipboard too. Because particleboard is both good in quality and cheap compared with natural wood or MDF board.

Face board: The surface of particleboard is good, flat and smooth, which make it easy to laminate. The face board of many furniture can use it. This can reach the environment criteria and good in quality.

Floor substrate: Floors using particleboard as base are strong, durable and absorb sound well. Particleboard can be applied easily with special screws and other fittings. After covered with carpet and other kind of cover, there will be good visual effects.

Finally, there are very wide usage for particleboard. It can be used in many place of our home. In industry they are widely used too. It’s a kind of products that will grow faster and be more popular.